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San Sebastian campus | Bachelor's Degrees Possibility to course International Double Degrees

Study Plan


General skills Specific skills

Generic skills contribute to the development of the abilities, attitudes and values demanded of a professional in today’s business world. The general skills are transversal and are applicable to many professional roles and functions.

Professional requirements:

Through the development of specific skills, Deusto BMA graduates are able to apply their knowledge in diverse and complex business contexts.

-Creative and innovative people
- Capable of collaboration and leadership
- Committed and responsible
- Effective decision-makers, analysts and trouble-shooters
- Professionals who are flexible and adaptable
- Fluency in English
Use strategic vision to direct the company
- Manage financial resources
- Orientate the company towards the market and the customers
- Operate in a global economy
- Master information and communication technologies
- Interpret and analyse data
- Navigate in the business/legal environment
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