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MBI- Master in Business Innovation

Bilbao campus, San Sebastian campus, Madrid headquarters | Executive education


The academic director's vision

Paco BreeInnovation is a discipline that can be learned and developed with practice. Deusto Business School, one of Spain´s most reputed business schools, has specifically designed its Business Innovation Program (BIP) and Master in Business Innovation (MBI) to prepare you to spark and manage Business Innovation successfully. As Academic Director of the BIP and MBI, I am pleased to introduce to you to our programmes that integrate theory and practice, fostering business innovation. To date, our academic training in innovation has generated around 100 innovative company projects that set companies on the path to achieving a sustainable competitive edge.

The Business Innovation Programme specifically centres on handling innovation in the broad field of management. The course has therefore been designed for managers who lead teams and resources. They do not necessarily work in an innovation-centred department, but may need to include innovation in their routine activities as a strategic cross-cutting area to achieve their goals. Participants who complete the programme are equipped with the competences needed to lead and manage innovation projects in any industry, capacity or department.

The Master in Business Innovation (MBI) involves total immersion to ensure students master every aspect of the discipline. It has been designed for the highest positions of responsibility in the field of innovation (CINO). The latest studies on the world’s most innovative companies show that chief innovation officers' current responsibilities include the following: know and bring in the best practices, develop skills, support business units to develop new products and services, find new market spaces, help people to create ideas, manage seed capital and lastly, protect and nurture promising projects. Chief innovation officers must lead and facilitate a culture of innovation in organisations. In order to do so, they are required to cultivate a culture of inquisitiveness, capturing inspiration and insight, boosting connections, nurturing creation, fostering collaboration and working on marketing and communication.

Both programmes provide the key competences that innovation managers must master. Participants firstly work on identifying the innovation challenges that are worthwhile for their impact on business performance. Developing creativity, strategic vigilance, benchmarking and competitive intelligence are key aspects of this activity. Secondly, they prepare projects whose focal point is project management and innovation funding. And thirdly, they work on exploiting the results as this is paramount to securing and exploiting innovation and managing knowledge.

We welcome you, then, to the Business Innovation Programme and the Master in Business Innovation, a unique experience that will help your organisation and/or your personal and career projects to succeed with innovative solutions.

Francisco González-Bree
Academic Director

10 reasons for choosing the BIP & MBI programmes

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 10 reasons for choosing the BIP & MBI programmes

  • Allow yourself the time and space to integrate the latest practice and thinking into your own professional context as you complete the different modules of the Programme.
  • Participate in a programme that puts international benchmarking at the core, with six modules taught in five European cities.
  • Be part of a unique modular programme designed to suit your needs in advancing your personal and professional development as an innovation leader while you work.
  • As an initiative of Deusto Business School in collaboration with internationally recognised centers of excellence, such as Cambridge Judge Business School (the University of Cambridge), you will be able to experience the world’s leading destination for venture capital investment after Silicon Valley.
  • Benefit from a constantly up-dated programme, where each subject is taught in accordance with the key issues currently in the field and where innovation is treated in a thorough comprehensive way within the reality of a company.
  • Receive the benefits of a programme taught by international experts, carefully selected for their world-class expertise.
  • Another unique feature is that it allows you to develop you own innovation project as an entrepreneur, or an innovation project for your company. Do it throughout the programme, with the tutoring and coaching you need.
  • Enhance your organisation's competitive edge by deepening your understanding of the complexities behind the organisation and management of innovation processes.
  • Strengthen your network and benefit from the regional, national and international links of key experts and Programme participants.
  • Meet, work and learn with fellow participants in a cross-cultural environment.

Host Institutions

Campus Deusto Business School
Deusto Business School

Deusto Business School, University of Deusto

Led by the Society of Jesus, the University of Deusto opened in 1886. It was the first private university in Spain, just as its business school, Deusto Business School, founded in 1916. Deusto has played a pioneering role in training business leaders at its original campuses in Bilbao and San Sebastian and currently continues with this work at DBS Madrid.

Deusto Business School offers a wide variety of Programmes, ranging from Bachelor's and double Bachelor's degree Programmes to officially recognised Master's Programmes, PhD Programmes, Executive Master's degrees, open Programmes and In-company training. Furthermore, its international alliances have paved the way to several Master's degrees and Programmes that include intensive modules at top business schools such as INSEAD, Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge and joint Programmes with New York University.

The objective set by Deusto Business School is to become an international reference in business education and training for tomorrow's leaders. Deusto Business School has assumed three key commitments that are cross-cutting characteristics of its Programmes: entrepreneurship and innovation; digital transformation; humanism and competitiveness.

Spanning a period of nearly a hundred years, Deusto Business School has one the largest alumni networks in Spain, with over 15,000 members. The powerful association is formed by people holding senior executive positions in many of the leading local, national and international institutions and firms.

Campus Deusto Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

As part of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education inspires, educates and engages the leaders of today and tomorrow. Cambridge Judge Business School enjoys a leading cultural position in technological innovation. It is situated in the most vibrant, entrepreneurial community in Europe, and it is linked to Cambridge Enterprise, set up by the University to foster entrepreneurship and the establishment of spin-out companies. The School´s world class faculty of over 50 members represents all continents and whose research interests span the globe and the full spectrum of business issues. Many are leaders in their fields directing cutting-edge research, consulting for top business and advising governments.