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In Company

Bilbao campus, San Sebastian campus, Madrid headquarters | Executive education

Made-to-measure Solutions

Deusto Business School’s In-Company Programmes are designed to provide knowledge aligned with current management tendencies such as leadership, innovation or intra-entrepreneurship and digital strategy, tools that enable business leaders to carry out their tasks more efficiently, making the most of all their potential and talent.

Programme design

Our working methodology is defined as “co-creation” of programmes with partner companies to find effective development solutions which meet our customers' needs and interests.

With these objectives in mind, we develop programmes comprising different methodologies for all areas of management and industry.


A made-to-measure programme must constantly be developing and ensure the objectives are met.

Once the programme has begun, we continuously monitor the content and methodology, instruction in the classroom, and the response from participants and the organisation itself.

Content and methodology

The main content of our programmes is determined by our clients' requests. Together with each client, we analyse the content that best fits each of their specific needs, refining this according to the industry their firms operate in, the participants’ profiles and the goals which have been set. All of this is based on achieving the greatest possible knowledge transfer to the job position and connection with the business.

We strive to ensure that the executive training taught in our classrooms does not become just another lesson. We want to go beyond that to more practical participatory sessions that equip participants with tools that can be easily applied in their day to day. We use innovative methodologies and educational excellence.


Each programme is adjusted to the client’s specific needs. These can therefore be taught in different formats at different locations:

  • in-house taught sessions
  • taught sessions at the DBS facilities
  • blended
  • online
  • at different places


Deusto qualifications

All participants on programmes taught at Deusto Business School receive a certificate of attendance and participation issued by the School.

According to the duration of the programmes and the requirements set by the University, some lead to a Deusto degree, such as the Expert, Specialist or Master's.

Business Project

Elaboration of an end-of-programme business project which enables:

  • All participants to apply the concepts that are taught in the different modules
  • The company to measure the returns of its training investment and how each participant benefited

In addition, the subjects examined in the projects provide the firm with a source of solutions to problems or propose ideas for what their teams are working on.

The projects are prepared throughout the training programme. Participants are advised to work in teams. It is recommended that the teams and subjects should be assigned by the company's management to ensure:

  • the greatest possible diversity, enriching content and opinions among team members
  • promotion of the network between people from the same firm who do not have much contact in the day to day