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EMBA- Executive MBA (Blended)

Online | Executive education


The blended Executive MBA programme at Deusto Business School intends to address the new realities and challenges that executives currently face, in both the professional and personal scopes. More than ever before, business leaders require high quality continuing education providing knowledge, skills and a global vision of their business and the environment in which their firms operate. These aspects are particularly important for high potential individuals who aspire to direct their firms and must make decisions that extend beyond their business areas.

Executive agendas include topics such as digital transformation, big data, innovation, competitiveness, sustainability or the Global Agenda. Although these processes comprise the new way of doing business in the twenty first century, not everyone knows how to manage such an agenda. The Executive MBA helps executives to develop a global vision of their company and business in general, underscoring long-term value creation and the sustainability of the firm. These aspects are conveyed through the academic staff’s rigour and expertise: the latest scientific knowledge supported by academic research and proficiency in selecting the key elements to assist executives in creating value in todays' context.

Deusto Business School’s blended Executive MBA is probably one of the most innovative executive programmes taught in Spain and on the international scene.

These studies make use of an innovative learning model which has been carefully adjusted to course participants’ agendas and professional aims. The combination of digital methods and face to face sessions means the programme is entirely in keeping with the latest tendencies in international executive education: our objective is to ensure that course participants receive excellent preparation to manage their businesses in the second decade of the twenty first century, providing them with a vision of the global economy in the broadest sense.

The blended Executive MBA programme affords business leaders a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. Those who need to optimise their time and resources, make their professional agenda compatible, are intellectually inquisitive, seek personal improvement and ways to create value will find it the perfect tool to achieve their aims as they strengthen their engagement with their businesses and society.