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EMBA - Executive MBA

Bilbao campus, San Sebastian campus | Executive education

Overview and Structure

The Executive MBA (EMBA) is a high level interdisciplinary programme for executives who must take on positions of responsibility. Upon completion of the programme, participants have a global, interfunctional and comprehensive view of business organisations. They are capable of creating and managing their team's commitment; promoting their development, and are engaged in value creation and economic and socially sustainable progress. The EMBA provides the tools and techniques to optimise the company's efficiency while fostering its members' creativity in the search for innovative and differentiating solutions.

Course participants come from diverse backgrounds and bring experience from a variety of industries, which favours different opinions, reflections and approaches. All in all, it creates an extremely dynamic and enriching atmosphere.

The Deusto Business School Executive MBA programme is unique.

It combines different methods and resources, creating a complete and innovative learning experience.

  •  The different thematic blocks taught in the 3-semester long classroom sessions are distributed in three Horizons, which define the three major challenges that today's executives face:

Companies and their environment
• The 21st century company
• Company leadership

  • During the programme, participants are afforded the opportunity to spend two weeks abroad, the first at INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France) and the second at Fordham Graduate School of Business (New York, USA).
  • Course participants are required to develop two practical projects set within the framework of the Firm-Participant contract during the last semester of the programme.

    - Consultancy: This is to be applied in the participant’s company or other business organisations.
    - Entrepreneurship: Develop a business opportunity, either in the participant’s own company or as an external project.
  • Finally, each participant can take part in an Executive Leadership Plan (professional coaching) which parallels the academic activity. The guidance of a personal coach enables participants to discover tools that will help them to develop their abilities and improve results.