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MBI- Master in Business Innovation

Bilbao campus, San Sebastian campus, Madrid headquarters | Executive education

Objectives and Focus

Innovation has become a pressing need for the competitive and successful company of the 21st century.

The BIP & MBI are specifically designed to help you and your organisation:

  • Promote the search for new business opportunities
  • Improve the development, implementation and commercialization of strategic ideas
  • Create a culture that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship within organizations
  • Facilitate the integration of I+D+i activities and production/final service activities
  • Innovation in Practice through the Applied Innovation Project
  • Develop yourself as a leader to transform the organisation´s ability to innovate


The approach to:

  • Observation

Business Innovation needs deep strategic analysis (observation) to understand the external environment at all levels (Macro, industry, micro, innovation systems), the internal situation of the company (resources, skills, potential and value) and foresight, road mapping and scenario analysis to forecast market threats and opportunities.

  • Creation

Together with the use of traditional strategic options to maintain and develop the company (internationalisation, acquisitions, etc.), we propose developing specific solutions to solve problems, attain opportunities and challenges by developing an open environment, using design thinking methodologies and nurturing an intra/entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Execution

To successfully implement business innovation, managers and leaders need to achieve high levels of employee engagement among their workforce, foster a learning organisation where people can develop their skills with a passion for their contribution to the goals of the company. Orchestrating the different departments and functions is also fundamental to keep them aligned with corporate strategy and finally, managing innovation by constantly adjusting all the drivers that create an innovative organisation will lead to sustainable competitiveness.