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MBI- Master in Business Innovation

Bilbao campus, San Sebastian campus, Madrid headquarters | Executive education

Structure and Content

Individual Innovation Project

Innovation in Practice

What is the objective of the Business Innovation Project?

Throughout the BIP & MBI programmes, participants will prepare a business-applied project relevant to their organisation or personal interest based on cutting-edge issues in the field of business innovation, with the support of experienced tutors. The development of this project is an integrative learning experience that ties together all of the various threads of the programmes and facilitates their real world application.

What are the outcomes and benefits of the projects?

The Business Innovation Project may cover any aspect of business innovation in any business, industrial, public sector or third sector organization, anywhere in the world. Some examples of the outcomes of recent projects have included, amongst others: the design and development of a methodology and tool to manage knowledge within and outside an industrial firm; the transformation of a financial entity management model into a process-based management model.

What do participants say about the Business Innovation Project?

The feedback from participants is that the Business Innovation Project adds huge value for them and their companies because they are able to learn business innovation through practice by recognising an opportunity, problem or challenge, developing the project and creating value.

What are some of the topics from the BIP & MBI Programmes which can be used to prepare the project?

The BIP & MBI participants are interested in creating value by building innovative business and promoting effective innovation practices. Some participants will consider more externally oriented projects with a focus on business innovation, while other participants will opt for more internally oriented projects centred on managing innovation.

Some Examples from previous years:

  • ATOS: (Open Call for Business Ideas Using Crowdsourcing) boosting Innovation by a crowdsourcing initiative «open call for business ideas»
  • MELIÁ HOTELS INTERNATIONAL: (Managing Internationalization through Innovation) revisit the internationalization process from an Innovation point of view
  • NOKIA: (The Energy Saving Challenge) assessment of energy co-management consumption by end-users and with the use of intelligent devices
  • AIRBUS: (Non Quality Cost Reduction) reduce Cost of Non Quality by 50% in the next two years
    BANCO SANTANDER: (mWallet Santander) business plan/model for mobile technological banking applications
  • SPAR: (Implementation of new ERP system Oracle Retail) process and deployment innovation for ERP systems
  • INDRA: (Innovation vehicle for IT consultancy companies) innovation to reach the market
  • IK4 RESEARCH ALLIANCE: (Integrating Technology Push and Market Pull Strategies) roadmapping technology balancing technology push and market pull ventures
  • DELOITTE: (Happiness at Work) help companies to improve their productivity by leveraging employee motivation and happiness
  • TECNALIA: (From a tech-driven business model to one that fulfils needs) a business model with a greater focus on customer needs
  • FINTONIC: (Offering Financial Products) to analyze different banking product alternatives to prioritize them, define the business model and implement the strategy
  • ITP: (Group Robotics) disrupting tactical intelligence with surveillance and reconnaissance systems
  • INECO: (Innovating on the Innovation at INECO) in-depth analysis of the current innovation framework at Ineco, describing its problems and unmet needs, to propose new alternatives or approaches to improve performance.