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MBI- Master in Business Innovation

Bilbao campus, San Sebastian campus, Madrid headquarters | Executive education


Campus Deusto Business School
 Alvaro Urech 
"I began the Master’s in Business Innovation after several years working in Innovation. I had read and tried to apply all those fancy things we all hear stories about: Design Thinking, Open innovation, etc., but reading is not the same as solid knowledge, and getting to personally experience these techniques and intellectual approaches with real experts in the field was a quantum leap for me. We were taught that Innovation is a frame of mind, and that innovation is a lot of work but is something that is really interesting to share. Many messages gained became even more meaningful when we shared the experience amongst the wonderful group of people that I had the luck of meeting during the MBI. The way the Master’s is organised in several intensive modules is an excellent way to delve into the subject, and having the chance of living the experience with the group was fantastic. And on top of that, Florence… was something I will never forget."
Alvaro Urech
MBI 2016
Head of Innovation
Adam Ferguson "The course instils and develops curiosity. We were given observational skills and opportunities to put them into practice; exposure to new environments, classmates from widely different backgrounds and cultures, with professors and experts in different fields of study, providing the colour and texture to make the entire course a journey that I will delight in remembering for as long as I live."
Adam Ferguson
MBI 2016
Segment Marketing Manager HPC
 Alfredo Alonso "Nowadays, innovation is a trending topic and the media, SMEs and large corporations continuously talk about the link between sustainable business and innovation. Although in words it seemed a quite straightforward concept, it raised several basic questions that I was not even able to address before my innovation journey started with the DBS Master’s in Business Innovation: What is innovation? Is innovation just for creative people? Am I creative enough to innovate or, on the other hand, does it involve more than being creative but a structured process that can be learnt? How can I effectively impact society through innovation? I believe the DBS Master’s effectively guided me through this personal journey. First, the Bilbao and Florence modules were about being humble, embracing failure and a personal look into the right attitude and mindset to move towards innovation. "
Alfredo Alonso González
MBI 2016
Head of Export and New Business Defence
Industria de Turbo Propulsores (ITP)
Michelle Royal  "I would recommend the MBI program to the person who wants to define the future, to the person who has an internal drive to create meaningful change in the world, and most importantly, to the person who wants to lead innovation and not be a product of the change that it is happening, but really be the agent of change"
Michelle Royal
MBI 2014
CEO, Founder
RIDG: Royal Innovation Design Group, The Change Agency
Francisco Pinheiro  "The Programme detached you from your daily routines and I think that that is precisely one of the keys to innovation. You could enjoy different situations with different people from different countries, and this was one of the most important elements of the Programme: diversity."
Francisco Pinheiro
MBI 2010
Director Group Innovation
Atos Origin
Iciar Marquinez  "What we learnt can’t simply be got from books and, more importantly, you don’t forget it. The Programme offered you a vision and way of looking at things from a very different perspective."
Iciar Marquinez
MBI 2012
Internal Audit Manager