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Business and Territorial Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability

Bilbao campus, San Sebastian campus | PhD

Admission requirements

In addition to the general requirements to enter PhD programmes, these studies have specific requirements.

Recommended profile

Programme-specific requirements
  • Completion of an official Master’s degree in Economics and/or Business or related fields, having preferably chosen the research track.
  • Certificate providing proof of a C1 level or equivalent in English. Having achieved this level of English implies that the student is capable of understanding a variety of long relatively difficult texts and recognising the implicit meaning; expressing him/herself fluently and smoothly making use of the appropriate expressions and vocabulary; using the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes; and producing clear, well organised detailed texts on complex topics, demonstrating correct use of text organisation, structure and cohesion.

The following will also be favourably regarded:

  • Excellent academic performance in undergraduate degrees.
  • Excellent academic performance in Master’s degrees in Economics and/or Business or related fields.
  • Interest in the research focus areas of the PhD programme.
  • Research experience in the field of knowledge (participation in research projects, publications, etc.) prior to entering the PhD programme.
  • Continuing education courses related to this specialist area of knowledge.
  • Work or volunteering in this field.
  • Stays abroad.
  • Clearly defined career objectives, research ambitions and personal maturity.
  • Availability to carry out the activities envisaged in the programme, particularly stays at other universities or research centres.
  • A research grant awarded by a Spanish or international bodies, based on evaluation of the candidate’s CV
General admission requirements for PhD programmes
  1. General admission requirements for official PhD programmes include an official undergraduate degree or the equivalent and an official Master’s degree.
  2. Candidates must comply with one of the following requirements:

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  • Candidates must hold an official Spanish university diploma or one from another European Higher Education Area member country valid for access to Master’s degree programmes in compliance with article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, 29 October. Candidates are also required to have earned a minimum of 300 ECTS credits in official university programmes, at least 60 of which must have been earned at the Master’s degree level.
  • Candidates must hold an official undergraduate degree, which, in compliance with EU law, requires successful completion of at least 300 ECTS credits. Candidates holding only undergraduate degrees are required to take additional courses unless the curriculum for the degree they completed includes research training credits, equivalent to those envisaged in at the Master’s degree level.
  • University graduates who have previously passed the official exams required to enter a residency programme to gain a speciality in Health Sciences and have successfully completed at least two years in the specialist programme.
  • Candidates who have obtained a degree in compliance with foreign educational systems, without the need to have the degree officially recognised. However, prior proof that the degree accredits qualifications equivalent to Spanish official Master’s degrees and allows entry to doctoral studies in the issuing country is required. Under no circumstances will this process imply recognition of the degree certificate for any purposes other than entering PhD programmes. The PhD diploma obtained through this procedure will be fully valid in Spain.
  • According to RD 99/2011, graduates in BA and BSc programmes, graduates in Architecture and Engineering with the Diploma in Advanced Studies, obtained in compliance with Royal Decree 778/1998, of 30 April, or who have completed the Research Aptitude Certificate as specified in Royal Decree 185/1985, of 23 January are eligible to enter PhD programmes.
  • Candidates holding another Spanish PhD diploma obtained in degree programmes which have been discontinued.