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European & International Business Management

Bilbao campus | Official Degrees

A fully international programme

3 Countries
3 Languages
3 Universities


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Fiamma Reali

The Master’s in European & International Business Management gave me the chance to represent Deusto Business School in the International Graduate Competition held in Montreal (Canada) with another three classmates. We were awarded the prize for the most creative solution. We were given a case study and had to solve it by a time deadline, which was very stressful. This year, the case consisted of developing a growth and internationalisation strategy for the Ecotech cluster in Montreal.

In a nutshell, the experience was: deep, passionate, thrilling and intense. It was a week of collaboration, cooperation and hard work but, above all, it was a time when we shared knowledge and experience. And not only between ourselves but with other teams from England, France, Thailand, Australia, Florida and Canada. The competition provided us with knowledge about how to work, apply ourselves and understand people from different backgrounds and nationalities at a human and business level.

I am proud of my team’s achievement. We joined forces and shared all that we had learned in the Master's programme.

Fiamma Reali - Italy, EIBM student

A joint degree offered by 3 European institutions