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Advanced Marketing

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The Master's degree in Advanced Marketing is an itinerant programe between San Sebastian and Bilbao Campus.
Next edition, 2018/19 academic year: Bilbao Campus

Students' opinion

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Oihana Castro

"One of the main reasons for choosing the Master’s in Advanced Marketing was the possibility of working at different enterprises related to the consumer goods, sport, automotive and textile fields, etc.

The programme involves different methodologies which aim to give students a full understanding of marketing. Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to apply what we have learned in different fields that interest us.

In addition to this, the programme includes the possibility of doing an internship abroad which is a great chance for students to get career experience.

I will be doing my internship at one of Europe’s leading electric groups, EDP (Energy of Portugal). My tasks will be related to revising the creativity of the different advertising campaigns, managing the customer loyalty programme and making presentations for the company and the department staff, among others.

As for the method for allocating the internship, the programme uses an online platform where the Careers Department posts internship openings daily and students can sign up. Most of the internship openings are at well-known Spanish and international companies which work in different fields, so students can chose whatever interests them most.

When I entered the process to choose my internship, I had an interview with the heads of the B2C Marketing Department. They asked me about my reasons for choosing their company and also explained the tasks involved in the position I was applying for."

Oihana Castro, 2015 year



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Frederik Obelitz

"The main reason I chose this Master’s in Advanced Marketing was the opportunity to become an expert in marketing with a knowledge of the new technologies, digital tools and communication between businesses and customers.

The programme has also given me the chance to do my internship abroad, which makes it the perfect combination. Now that I am studying this degree, I am sure that I made the right choice. I am keener than ever on finding out how far I can go, thanks to the training I have received at the University of Deusto."

Frederik Obelitz, 2014 year



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Iñigo Arraiza

"The Master’s in Advanced Marketing is a dynamic degree which truly engrosses you and makes you live the experience, that’s why talking about schedules doesn't make sense. At the university, going out with friends, watching television, in the cinema...we are constantly bombarded by ideas and references to our education. It is an intense and enriching experience.

Every day is different. Lectures are given not only by University of Deusto professors but also by executives from the world of marketing, which allows students to know more about clients, trends and markets.

Our classes are normally in the afternoon, one subject per day, but sometimes we also visit companies, which helps us put what we have learned into practice and at the same time find out more about the daily routine in the world of work.

Regarding the methodology, the approach to the modules is similar: reading, independent study, analysis and problem-solving with real cases, in-class debates and discussions, individual work and above all, team projects. It is important to set aside enough time for these team projects as they are the main driver of our learning.

Throughout the course we had the chance to experiment with new ways of creating value for the client, raising proposals and innovating. But if I had to point out something about the Master’s, it would be the chance to work with classmates from different countries who have different profiles and backgrounds.

In my case, this Master’s degree has been very useful because it has given me insight into many concepts and I have discovered new approaches to marketing which I didn’t know about. Personally I believe this is a great chance for people who are passionate about the world of business, it doesn’t matter if they are graduates or people who want to round off their background."

Iñigo Arraiza, 2015 year



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Rong Chen


"After I graduated from university in my country, I started to work on a joint venture in the Marketing and Sales Department. I gained a lot of experience during that time and really enjoyed the job so I decided to go abroad to study a Master’s in Marketing.


I was really impressed with the Master’s in Advanced Marketing offered by DBS. The course content looked interesting and most of the faculty were from companies with broad experience in Marketing. The classes are taught in two languages and this has helped me to practise my Spanish and English, and the 6 month internships are especially useful."


Rong Chen, 2014 year



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Gian Luca Senes

"I have always been interested in Marketing because it is so versatile and can be applied to different industries. Big consumers, sports, tourism, international trade, public and private services, policy and training; just to name a few of the career opportunities this Master’s can open up for you.

I am thinking about doing an internship in the Social Corporate Responsibility Department of a big company. This would give me a closer look at a sector entirely different from the one I have worked in. This would be a personal and professional achievement for me and the Deusto Business School Careers Services Department and the lecturers who have given me their support. If you like strategy, a dynamic scenario, calculated risks and innovation, your future career might be in Marketing."

Gian Luca Senes, 2014 year


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Roberto Ortega

"The classes are especially dynamic, giving lecturers and students a chance to work together. Constant debate and learning are the most important points. It is true that there is a lot of theory and hard work but there is also a lot of hands on practice which is both fun and educational. You really have to pay attention in class because you cover a lot of material in each session and this is a full-time degree so you have projects that require time.

The relationship among classmates is excellent; a lot of trust, friendship and a comfortable atmosphere."

Roberto Ortega, 2014 year