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Advanced Marketing

Bilbao campus | Official Degrees

Who is the Master’s aimed at?

The Master's degree in Advanced Marketing is an itinerant programe between San Sebastian and Bilbao Campus.
Next edition, 2018/19 academic year: Bilbao Campus


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Juan Luis Quezada

"My main reason for choosing this Master’s was the chance to specialize in something I would like to do in the future. With today’s constant changes in communication and marketing strategies, I thought a Master’s degree in Advanced Marketing would be a good choice. This Master’s degree will give me the chance to work in companies that are constantly searching for new ways to reach a bigger number of clients.

I chose the University of Deusto because in my country there aren't prestigious studies specializing in the field of Marketing. This made me realize that I had to do my studies abroad. The prestige, in addition to the curriculum and the price-quality ratio made me choose this Master’s.

Some of the factors which I think give value added to this Master’s degree are: the very complete curriculum with lectures given by specialized professors and experts in every subject, the combination of modules in both Spanish and English and the chance to study abroad.

It is quite important to me to have the chance to do my internship in internationally well-known firms because this gives you the opportunity to learn more and to put into practice everything you have learned while also getting some working experience. I would like to use all the knowledge and the tools I have acquired during my studies and apply them in companies, taking into account new technologies and new changes in the fields of marketing and communication. "

Juan Luis Quezada, 2015 year



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Master's degree in Advanced Marketing


The Master’s in Advanced Marketing offers a combination of different methodologies which provide the student with both conceptual and experiential learning.


We prepare work and activities every week, normally in teams but also individually, which has given me the chance to put the concepts learnt in class into practice with the help of students who have different profiles. This has truly enriched my learning process.

The majority of the cases are presented in class to give us more experience in explaining ourselves clearly and learning to manage our time. These presentations have given me the chance to learn from my fellow classmates’ work, which is really valuable in order to get different points of view.

Visiting nearby enterprises is also very interesting. These visits have helped me to learn about how these enterprises work and also how they approach different aspects of the Marketing field. The case studies we prepare following these visits are based on these enterprises’ real needs, which really motivates us to come up with valuable suggestions.

The methodology used in the seminars lets student participate by creating a dynamic academic environment where professors constantly use audio visual support to boost learning.

Overall, it is a methodology which constantly combines theory with practice and helps us learn more about the different concepts of marketing


Itziar Durañona, MUMA



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Iosu Arriola

"Firstly, I’d like to make it clear that the experience of studying this Master’s degree has almost nothing to do with undergraduate studies. The maturity of the Master’s students make it a much more adult experience involving a lot of teamwork and a great deal of debate in the different modules we study.

The daily routine involves a lot of dedication to handle the workload assigned to each of the multidisciplinary groups.

Doing so many projects and assignments means we have to spend a lot of time at the University. The DBS building’s great facilities make this is a lot easier and, in addition to that, Master’s students develop very close relationships.

Even though the theory classes are obligatory, the highly qualified marketing professionals lecturing make the cases more realistic and give you a peep at what it would be like to work in marketing at some of the world's top companies.

You can also learn a lot from your own classmates. They are international students who hold degrees in different fields related to the world of marketing. All of us form small work groups and that gives us the chance to learn more about each activity and the different sectors and cultures.

This Master’s could definitely be described as an academic experience where you learn theory and about the daily routine of a marketing professional. There is no doubt that after finishing the studies, when the time comes to start the internship, students are eager to get involved in the competitive world of work."

Iosu Arriola, 2015 year



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Gabriele Gurrutxaga


"The classes are taught in the afternoon, so I take advantage of the mornings to work on my own or with my group. There are study rooms in the building where the classes are taught so I can meet with other group members and prepare the material for the afternoon classes there.

Some mornings we visit companies in the Basque Country, which are then studied as real cases in class. The classes are lively and call for our participation so we learn quickly. The lecturers know all of us personally and give us a lot of individual advice and support. The relationship among everyone on this programme is great."


Gabriele Gurrutxaga, 2014 year



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Luis Martínez

"If I had to point out one thing about the Master’s in Advanced Marketing, it would be the practical approach. The best way to learn is by putting theory into practice and that is why most of the course is based on teamwork. These different group projects are supposed to be as realistic as possible, so we have had the chance to contact and meet professionals from different firms to get a broader view and apply what we have learned to the actual firms. This way of working is quite enriching as it involves real situations which have nothing to do with academic papers.


The visits to different companies organized by our professors are also very interesting: Sometimes we spend the mornings or the entire day at their offices instead of at the faculty. They teach us how they work on marketing from a globalized point of view. We usually visit their facilities and afterwards we have to solve a case they have prepared for us. These group works and case studies are presented in class where we are given useful feedback to help us improve.

In addition to this, we are also assigned individual papers for some subjects. All of this is backed up with lectures on the subject, which are very dynamic and use examples and student participation. Lecturers also recommend extra references for those who want to learn more about some of the topics.

In conclusion, this Master’s degree has helped me improve not only my knowledge of marketing but also skills like time management or working in groups which I’m sure will be vital for my future career."

Luis Martínez, 2015 year


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Bárbara Jarrín

"My main interests are not only linked to the world of marketing but also to identifying and transmitting broader more meaningful messages for companies with a view to creating sustainable value over time. This means adapting to new societies with new consumer trends and customers who are more aware, not only of satisfying their own needs and expectations, but also of the overall impact of these new products on their values and those of society as a whole.

Studying the University of Deusto’s Master’s degree in Advanced Marketing has been a good way to round off the knowledge I gained during my undergraduate degree studies because this programme is focused on a new approach to marketing. It is related to responsibility, honesty and respect that foster society's well-being. In addition to this, I have learned about sustainability and the use of new technologies to apply and understand it. This approach makes it even more interesting as it is closely linked to my intention to leave a heritage. I think that the University of Deusto helps us become the main players and take part in new models that give a broader view than the conventional approaches to marketing.

I especially appreciate the international contact, working with classmates from different countries, the very complete curriculum which combines technical and humanitarian aspects. The professionalism and approachability of our professors were also a big plus. I would also like to point out the hospitality and quality of life thanks to the great location of the campus. "

Bárbara Jarrín, 2015 year