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Advanced Marketing

Bilbao campus | Official Degrees


The Master's degree in Advanced Marketing is an itinerant programe between San Sebastian and Bilbao Campus.
Next edition, 2018/19 academic year: Bilbao Campus

Students´ opinion

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Haizea Gogenola

"I began the internship in the International Advertising Department of Hearst Magazines two months ago and everything has been great.

My department works with Spanish fashion and decoration brands (Tous, Bimba y Lola, Camper, Kettal, Rosa Clará…) that want to promote and expand into foreign markets though our magazines and online resources such as ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Harper´s Bazaar…

The day to day here is never a routine because we face different challenges although we work on the same team. There is ongoing research on Spanish brands that are becoming popular on foreign markets and my job is to try to set up contacts with them to work together. Another part of the job is to make proposals and estimates for our clients.
For example, if a client wants to launch an advertising campaign in different countries, we are in charge of contacting the group's magazines in those countries and they send us their estimates. We use them to make a global proposal together with the client's needs and keep in touch until a decision is made. When the magazines come out, they are sent to our office and we show the clients the final product, providing proof that everything was done properly.
We also have moments of authentic chaos when the client needs something right then and the time difference between countries makes it complicated to negotiate prices and fees. But having a good team to back you up makes all the difference in the world.

I think the internship covers a lot of different areas. My opinion? I have learned loads!

- First of all, I can apply a lot of what I learned in the Master's.
- They are teaching me how to negotiate and sell in the fashion and decoration advertising field.
- And I am learning to work on a team.
- I spend the entire day speaking English since I contact countries all over the world.

It is a great experience!"

Haizea Gogenola, Internships in Hearst Magazine



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Adolfo Ruiz

"I am graduated in International Management from the University of Navarre. I have always wanted an academic background and career with an international scope. I entered the University of Deusto’s Master’s degree in Advanced Marketing programme willing to learn more about the field of marketing and also to do my internship abroad, knowing that this would be a challenge for me.

After lengthy selection processes with companies from different fields, moments of uncertainty, depression and hope, telephone and face to face interviews, group dynamics and assessment centres I got the chance at Novartis – after three interviews with three different people in their team – to work for one year at their facilities in Basel, Switzerland.

During my internship with Novartis I will perform different tasks related to marketing and also help out in other departments. Some of the tasks involve analysing and interpreting Excel databases, doing qualitative and quantitative market studies, making Power Point presentations to present the results and organizing meetings.

As my fellow classmates already know, when we talk about internships, I always say: “You have to aim for the highest and dream of whatever you want most in order to reach it and this calls for organization, effort and determination”. It is essential to strive for excellence by surrounding yourself with people who are better than you. The Master’s helps to make this come true. I have achieved what I wanted. How about you, would you like to give it a try?"

Adolfo Ruiz, Internship in Novartis (Switzerland)