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Academic regulations and recognition and transfer of credits

Academic regulations

The following section explains the University of Deusto Postgraduate Regulations

Official Master´s degrees and Deusto degrees 

Transfer and recognition of credits


Transfer of credits

When credits are transferred, all of the credits previously earned by the student in official degree programmes should be shown on the official academic record. These may be credits earned previously at the University of Deusto or another university and may not have led to the award of an official diploma.

All of the credits earned (transferred, recognised and passed) in official degree programmes at Deusto or at another university leading to the relevant diploma must be included in the academic record. The category must be indicated and duly shown on the European Diploma Supplement.

When showing recognition of credits obtained in official university degree programmes, the following information must be given: The home university (or universities) of origin, the official degree programme and the field of study, the name of the recognised subject area(s) and/or subjects, the number of credits and marks obtained, which will be taken into account when calculating the grade point average.

The marks for subjects which are recognised as credits earned in official degree programme will be based on the weighted average of credits earned by the student in the subjects or subject areas being recognised. This is stipulated in the criteria for applications of validation submitted after 12 September 2003, in accordance with the sole additional provision of Royal Decree. 1044/2003, of 1 August, which establishes the procedure by which universities must issue the European Diploma Supplement.

When the credits are obtained in non-official university programmes or through work experience, the academic record will not show a mark for these credits, and they will therefore not enter in the grade point average.

Recognition of credits completed with a pass mark in a Deusto degree programme which has been replaced by a current Master’s degree programme (official Spanish diploma) will show the marks obtained. These marks will be included in the grade point average and will be duly indicated on the academic record.

Students who have not completed the Deusto degree programme must submit the Master’s diploma awarded by the University of Deusto, or, when applicable, the academic record which shows the credits earned. The Credit Recognition Committee will follow the procedure stipulated in these regulations. 

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 Transfer and recognition of credits


Specific regulation of the program

Specific regulation of the program