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International Business

Campus San Sebastián | Máster Universitario

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Dirección, coordinación y secretaría del máster

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Amaia Arizkuren

"Specialist training in international management constitutes one of the most attractive profiles for enterprises that need to compete in an increasingly globalised world. That is why Deusto Business School offers the Master’s degree in International Business (MIB - official qualification). The MIB is a programme in which you will study in depth within a multicultural environment how business is conducted on all continents. With compulsory practical training and teaching given entirely in English, this is an intensive programme specialising in the International Management of enterprises aimed at BA and BA (hons.) graduates in Business Administration and Management (or the equivalent, including graduates in Business-Humanities or Organizational branch of Engineering) with fewer than 3 years’ professional experience and who require advanced training in international business management.

The Master’s degree in International Business helps future managers identify international business opportunities and to design and implement international business strategy, taking into account the key aspects of international management existing in each country (marketing, finance, human resources, etc.). The course also highlights the specific features of the world’s different geographical areas: Asia, Ibero America, the United States and Canada, Europe, Africa and Oceania. To do this, we have academics who are fully devoted to teaching and research duties linked to the University of Deusto and skilled professionals with business experience on international markets, which is why online connections with the most diverse range of countries in the world are constant features of our programme. With a modern, varied and interactive methodology, we strive to encourage participants in the programme to develop working skills in multicultural teams and also to raise their awareness about the values promoted by the University of Deusto: ethics, sustainability, innovation and respect for diversity. Additionally, there are a limited number of places available for outgoing exchange students. Applicants must meet the entry requirements for the specific international exchange programme they want to participate in. I am sure that the Master’s degree in International Business will interest you, because enterprises demand fully competent professionals who specialise in international.

management. I will be delighted to discuss any doubts you may have with you and, of course, provide you with any additional information you may need. I encourage you to find out about the Master’s programme in International Business in more detail over the following pages." 

Amaia Arizkuren, Directora del Master in International Business

Secretaría del Programa

Anabel Ordozgoiti
   Nombre y apellidos:
   Anabel Ordozgoiti
   Teléfono: +34 943 326 852


 Coordinación del programa Doing Business in:

Doing Business Nombre Cargo Empresa

Aritz Santiago Project Manager Onura
Germán Lorenzo Asia-Pacific Director “LKS International”. MONDRAGON Corporation.
Ibero América Ciara O’Higgins Consultora interna en proyectos internacionales TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION
Europa Ciara O'Higgins Consultora interna en proyectos internacionales TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION
África Amaia Arizkuren Directora del Máster Universidad de Deusto
EEUU/Canadá Ciara O'Higgins Consultora interna en proyectos internacionales TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION
Oceanía Amaia Arizkuren Directora del Máster Universidad de Deusto

 Perfil del profesorado

La mayor parte del personal académico del Máster en International Business combina la docencia universitaria con sus actividades profesionales en el ámbito empresarial internacional, aunque otros se dedican a la docencia o investigación universitaria a tiempo completo.

El personal académico ha sido seleccionado de acuerdo con los siguientes criterios:

  • Su experiencia docente en la impartición de programas de postgrado y su alta valoración otorgada por los estudiantes en las encuestas de satisfacción. La mayoría del personal docente ha impartido cursos de postgrado y doctorado relacionados con la empresa y la economía en la Universidad de Deusto así como en otras universidades.
  • Su experiencia en los mercados internacionales, ya sea de forma directa o con empresas consultoras con las que se relacionan.
  • Su probada trayectoria investigadora en el área de la gestión internacional.

Al equipo docente hay que añadir un plantel de expertos colaboradores que han desempeñado su carrera profesional en el ámbito empresarial internacional.