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11 November 2016Bilbao Campus

Bilbao’s financial community supports Deusto Business School in the launch of a pioneering finance programme

Bilbao’s financial community is backing Deusto Business School in the launch of its new finance programme,Deusto Finance Programme . This unprecedented initiative in Spain, designed with the support of leading entities and entrepreneurs from the fintech industry, aims to train future financial leaders.

Deusto Business School presented the programme at the Bilbao Stock Exchange on Friday, November 11. The event was attended by President Manuel Ardanza and leading financial and insurance sector executives. At the closing ceremony, the Deputy General of Biscay stressed the importance of joining public and private agents’ actions in the strategy to create a financial hub in Biscay. The Regional Council’s proposal of measures to serve the production system is well under way, including financial instruments such as an innovation fund.

“Deusto Finance Programme - F5” combines official university studies (Bachelor’s+ Master’s degree) in addition to internships in international firms and a semester at a university abroad. Furthermore, international faculty members and the use of English as a working language will help to prepare students for one of the market’s most competitive and globalized sectors.

The financial sector is undergoing a deep transformation, driven by globalization and digitalization, and transforming university studies is also necessary to train professionals capable of adapting to this new environment where consolidated companies coexist with technology start-ups.

Cryptomoney, blockchain, bitcoin, crowdsourcing… are some of the new emerging terms, while big technology multinationals (Amazon, Google, Apple…) are preparing to land in the financial sector. Innovation is also coming from users who are demanding services that adapt to the new digital lifestyles.

Spread over 5 years, Deusto’s F5 programme takes advantage of its alumni who occupy outstanding positions in the financial and insurance sectors to design a very demanding programme, which expands the current offer of double Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration + Engineering and Business Administration + Law (also a 5 year programme), and to the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration + Digital Environments Management (4 years).

The Dean of Deusto Business School, Guillermo Dorronsoro, highlighted the high academic standards required to enter the programme and the level of the subjects, as well as the academic regulations. The high level demanded, hard work and discipline which are distinctive of Deusto, will be combined with innovation and critical spirit. These aspects are essential to performing in an ever-changing environment.