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26 June 2020San Sebastian Campus

Deusto Business School presents the "Sebastián Iruretagoyena Award for best undergraduate final year project in Business Administration 2019-2020"

Today, the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies-Deusto Business School has presented the "Sebastián Iruretagoyena Award to the best Undergraduate Final Year in Business Administration 2019-2020" to the "FASS" projects carried out by Garbiñe Armentia Veiras, Blanca Arregui Pérez de Loza, Irati Urizar Peñacoba and Naia Vega Carrasco, and to "PLASPICK", conducted by Beñat Kortabarria Berasategi, Mario Lapuerta Pérez Herrero, Mikel Mostajo Ollo, Nicolás Prieto Querol and Mikel Salegui Zubimendi. The "Sebastián Iruretagoyena Award for Best Economic and Financial Analysis of Undergraduate Final Year Project in Business Administration 2019-2020" was awarded to "TERS", carried out by Marta Acha Gallo, Uxue Anza Etxeberria, Natalia Arcauz Egaña, Elena Guibert Elizalde and Cecilia Guridi Irujo.

The aim of this award is to recognise and promote the efforts of students who are doing their Undergraduate Final Year Project in Business Administration at the San Sebastian campus. This award, granted by a group of friends of former ESTE professor Sebastián Iruretagoyena and his family, aims to highlight the figure of Professor Sebastián Iruretagoyena, who taught at ESTE for many years and was the first director of the Executive MBA. Sebastián Iruretagoyena, during his years of teaching, mainly in the fields of accounting, financial analysis and finance, was a key figure in the training of students, managers and entrepreneurs in Gipuzkoa.

The panel of judges was made up of Asun Ibáñez (Deusto Business School undergraduate coordinator at the San Sebastian campus), Cristina Iturrioz (undergraduate coordinator at the San Sebastian campus), Rosa Cristobal (member of the DBS finance and economics department), David and Amaia Iruretagoyena (representing the Iruretagoyena family) and Luis Javier Bastida (representing Sebastián Iruretagoyena's class friends) assessed the finalists' works both from an academic and an economic, social and environmental impact perspective, and also considered the collaboration of external agents with the University. Given the quality of the works, they decided to distribute the prize for the Best Undergraduate Final Year Project between the two aforementioned groups.

The candidates for the award were all the students enrolled in the Undergraduate Final Year Project subject of the Business Administration degree at Deusto Business School in San Sebastian. The prize was 2,000 euros for the Best Final Project in Business Administration (which was divided into two prizes of 1,000 euros for each group) and 1,000 euros for Business Administration project with the best economic-financial analysis.

As Luis Javier Bastida, representative of the group of friends of Sebastián, and Asun Ibáñez, DBS undergraduate coordinator in San Sebastian reminded us, the award is intended to highlight Deusto Business School's (DBS) Mission and Values, an organization joined by ESTE, which in turn was the origin of the current San Sebastian campus. DBS aims to train responsible professionals, capable of promoting and leading sustainable business projects in a global context, towards a more prosperous, fairer and more inclusive society, while at the same time generating knowledge in a multidisciplinary way in collaboration with other actors, which will help to respond to the main social challenges. The Award also aims to highlight the figure of Sebastian Iruretagoyena, who died prematurely in 2009. Professor Iruretagoyena left an indelible imprint on his students because he taught subjects that are more than essential for all those who work in the business world. His area of expertise was accounting and financial analysis, and his students learnt to know what is behind numbers. What for many was a cryptic language, after his classes became an essential tool.

This award honors the memory of Sebastian Iruretagoyena, an illustrious ESTE professor whom his colleague Luis Javier Bastida recalls as "having a reputation for being strict but fair; he certainly did not give away his marks because he was an excellent professor who demanded excellence. With this award, the 7th Class wishes to remember the colleagues who have left us and to promote the values that Sebastián Iruretagoyena represented so well".