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14 October 2016Bilbao Campus

Diploma-giving ceremony for new Executive Education graduates

210 course participants, families and friends met at the University of Deusto's Ceremonial Hall to celebrate the graduation of participants on the Executive Education programmes. Students who completed their studies in the following programmes received their diplomas: Executive MBA, Master’s in Business Innovation, Master’s in Healthcare Management, Master’s in Executive Coaching, General Management Programme, Executive Programme in Financial Management, Expert Diploma in Commercial Management: Marketing, Sales and Digital, Digital Marketing Programme, Leadership and Transformation of Healthcare Organisations and Systems, Corporate Leadership Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Public Leadership Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Cybersecurity Innovation Programme and Digital Transformation of Enterprises.

Dean of DBS, Guillermo Dorronsoro; Agustín Garmendia, President of Deusto Business Alumni, and recent graduates took part in the event.

Matías Alonso, Global Utilities Managing Director of Accenture, gave an address in which he shared his knowledge and experience of the challenges that digitalisation has raised in every area of firms. Guest of honour at the ceremony, Alonso stated, “although digital transformation first affected marketing and operations, today it is influencing all of the management units in companies. The digital revolution affects each and every sector and industry and the changes bring about big challenges and opportunities which we must know how to take advantage of". Alonso gave several present day examples of how this digital transformation is changing processes, the way we relate to each other, business models... "Not only it is impossible to ignore this, but we must take an active role and push change so as not to be shoved out of the market", he continued. In order to do so, “it is essential to have the right background and constantly search for excellence”. He urged the new graduates to look for the binomial: value + values. “Value, because we always have to think about how to contribute value to society in our daily work. And values, because we can only contribute value if we are demanding; constantly seeking high standards, teamwork, honesty and social responsibility, all of which are instilled at Deusto and which I do my utmost to apply in my career".

The MBA Hippocratic Oath was then read by Regina Martínez and Rubén Durán, graduates of the Executive MBA. The new graduates were called one by one to collect their diplomas from the programme directors.

Marta Aguilar, Academic Director of the Commercial Management Programme, spoke on behalf of the programme directors. She expressed her satisfaction with the new graduates' high quality of work, their months of experiences, happy moments, teamwork, striving to do their best. She thanked them for their perseverance and willingness to share experiences with the group and for placing their trust in Deusto to improve personally and professionally. She encouraged them to “embark on the leadership style that Deusto Business School promotes by basing their actions on its mission, vision and values, which were inspired by the principles of the Society of Jesus: humanist leaders who seek excellence in the professional and human spheres, who know how to listen, who are not merely leaders because their business cards say so, but who actually set an example. “Continue growing, carry on learning and don’t forget us. This is your alma mater", she concluded.

Adam Ferguson, a graduate of the Master's in Business Innovation, also spoke on behalf of his graduating class. In addition to thanking the families and firms that have supported them in their educational endeavours, he expressed their appreciation to Deusto Business School for “designing such relevant cutting-edge courses and Master’s degree programmes that address the concerns that we might have, according to our personal and work circumstances. And for having given us the unique opportunity to learn directly from experts, coaches and leaders involved in industry and who have made this "return to the classroom" both fun and passionate.”

Lastly, the Rector gave the closing address and congratulated the new graduates. He invited them to continue working with the University from their firms and keep it informed about possible ways to improve through programmes and other activities. He also encouraged them to set a good example of the values that the Executive programmes have intended to instil.

The San Antonio Choir from Iralabarri closed the ceremony by singing Gaudeamus (So Let Us Rejoice).