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07 November 2016

Indra presents its new innovation model at the Corporate Entrepreneurship Club

Indra’s director of strategy, innovation and head of cabinet, Manuel Ausaverri, presented the firm’s new innovation strategy at the first meeting of Deusto Business School’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Club this year.

After being introduced by the director of DBS Madrid, Iñaki Ortega, and by the academic director of the Corporate Leadership Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Alberto Corcóstegui, Indra’s director of strategy and innovation spoke to an audience of innovation entrepreneurs and professionals. Ausaverri stated that even a company like Indra, committed to innovation and whose technological innovations are at the heart of many of our everyday products, has studied how to enhance and channel the creativity of its 37,000 employees.

He pointed out that the new innovation model addresses the adaptation needed for the new context. This is a key factor, essential to ensuring the firm will continue to be a leader in technological innovation, and give a strategic boost to its ability to generate, accelerate and include new innovative and disruptive ideas in its products and services.
Indraventures has been set up within the framework of this new model. The firm’s corporate innovation will be organised around this new vehicle, channelling the relationship with innovation ecosystem agents in a structured but also agile and flexible way. Furthermore, it intends to promote incubation and acceleration initiatives, with the aim of identifying, attracting, developing and including new innovative and disruptive products into its portfolio.

The Deusto Business School Corporate Entrepreneurship Club is a well-established forum. Its aim is to prompt discussion and knowledge of the best international practices in what has become known as open innovation. The forum intends to promote better change management in large companies with the help of entrepreneurs and innovators. Business breakfasts with around 25 participants are held in a discreet private atmosphere where the chief executive of a big company shares their firm’s open innovation experience.