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28 October 2016

Javier Villaseca, CEO of at #disruptive cycle: “Crowdfunding is already a real option, a means to finance a company within everyone’s reach”

The founder and CEO of, Javier Villaseca, took part in the October session of #disruptive cycle, which is held on a monthly basis at Deusto Business School in Madrid.

Villaseca explained his company’s model to the audience, and how it offers an alternative and complementary mechanism to traditional financing models. This model allows investors to acquire a stake or company shares in exchange for the capital contributed. Thanks to a large network of investors, entrepreneurs and companies get the capital they need to grow.

The founder of stressed that the real disruption to banks lies in the democratization of finances. “Crowdfunding, already a real option within reach of entrepreneurs and investors, had never before existed to finance a company,” he added.

Set up in 2011, is the first platform in Spanish dedicated to Equity Crowdfunding or participatory financing. Through its broad network of investors authorised by the Spanish Securities Exchange Commission (CNMV), it has already financed more than 100 companies and works in 19 countries.

In addition, Villaseca combines the management of with his advisory role in the subsidiary Emprestamo Group, a P2B lending platform focusing on advances. In 2014, Villaseca received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the European Business Awards.

Deusto Business School’s #disruptive cycle is a regularly held discussion and knowledge forum to learn about successful ground-breaking experiences in traditional industries such as leisure, tourism, agriculture, trade or health. The dictionary defines disruptive as a term that comes from physics and refers to what produces a sudden break. In new economies, the entrepreneurial innovations that generate the highest values are identified as disruptive. The forum meets once a month for an afternoon coffee to discuss these entrepreneurial experiences.