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14 June 2016Bilbao Campus

Professor Jordi Albareda of Deusto Business School receives the Novia Salcedo Foundation Award (in the People category) for integration of young people in a ceremony presided by the Spanish King

Jordi Albareda will receive the "People Category” Novia Salcedo Foundation Award from the Spanish King on 20 June. He is well known as a leader of cultural projects and civic virtues. This foundation has worked to achieve labour market integration of young people for over thirty years.

The jury, chaired by the attorney Antonio Garrigues Walker, and formed by another eleven prestigious figures, highlighted Albareda's work as a generator of civic virtues, ethical attitudes and solidarity by placing the spotlight on youth values in these professional fields though the use of new digital marketing tools.

He is the leader of the Fair Saturday project, which filled the streets of cities like Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid with art and culture last November to highlight the power of transformation that artists and cultural entities have.

The other prize winners in the 7th edition of these awards for youth integration were: the Ad Honorem award for Professor of Moral Philosophy, Victoria Camps; Emtesport (in the Company category) and the Fundación Paraguaya (ín the organisations/NGOs category). All of these awards were delivered in a ceremony presided by the King of Spain on 20 June at the Arriaga Theatre in Bilbao.