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09 November 2016

The CEO of Vocento at DBS Lunches: “the simplification of news is dumbing down society”

The Chief Executive Officer of Vocento, Luis Enriquez, was the keynote speaker at the November Deusto Business School Lunch, a discussion forum that features the participation of leading politicians, professionals and business executives. Politicians and leaders such as the former Minister of Defence, Eduardo Serra; the former President of Endesa, Manuel Pizarro; the President of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), Jose Maria Marin Quemada, or the former Vice President of the European Commission, Joaquin Almunia have previously taken part in these forums.

During his speech, Enriquez, accompanied at the head table by Deusto Business School board member and President of the Vocento group, Santiago Bergareche, defended the traditional media’s role, regardless of its format (web, paper, tablets…), since they are the guarantors of presenting information according to its importance as well as ensuring its veracity. In this regard, he stressed the importance of combining the integration of the technological reality that citizens are demanding with quality journalism, and he pointed out that newspapers must constantly be alert to fulfilling their main task, which is journalism.

He warned about the dangers of simplifying information, since it impoverishes not only the readers, but also the companies advertising their goods and services and society as a whole. Enriquez stated that good journalism is not just about preserving the press, it is about regaining the meaning of being well informed. “We need well-informed citizens”, he stated.

Enriquez admitted during his intervention, which was attended by students and alumni of the Public Leadership Programme in Entrepreneurship, that sales of printed newspapers are “dropping”. However, he also said that printed editions “will continue to sell as long as possible”, indicating that “they will not disappear in the near future”, especially since many of the advertisers have a platform in each community that covers a whole territory -province or region, depending on the case- "without rivals as strong as private television can be for the national press".

In addition, the Vocento CEO highlighted the key role played by regional newspapers in the development of the group, which maintains its leadership in territories with historical papers.

The event was moderated by Iñaki Ortega, Director of DBS Madrid and academic director of the entrepreneurship and innovation programmes PLPE and PLCE, which are taught jointly by Deusto Business School and ICADE Business School.