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17 October 2016Bilbao Campus

The Vizcaína Aguirre Foundation is awarded the Ekonomista Saria for entities

The Basque Professional Association of Economists held the Premio eKonomista Saria award-giving event in September, a distinction that economists grant annually to those people who, individually or as a group, contribute to the development of the economy, business management or society. This year, for the first time, a double award was delivered. On the one hand, the work of individuals was recognised and on the other hand, that of entities.

In the institutional sphere, the Vizcaina Aguirre Foundation received distinction from Basque economists for its hundred years of work supporting education. On this occasion, the individual prize went to Jose Ignacio Martinez Churiaque. Among the four candidates nominated, the members of the Association chose the financial expert for "his broad experience in the transmission of knowledge”.

The candidates were nominated through a participatory process in which the members proposed a series of names which, after complying with the Association’s requirements, were shortlisted. Once the list was elaborated, the members had a week to select the winning candidate.