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Strategically important knowledge areas

Humanism+ Competitiveness


As Deusto Business School forms part of a Jesuit university, it supports current and future leaders and their organisations in line with its mission, vision and values. It assists them by:

- Addressing the challenges that society and business organisations are facing
- Making people, their dignity and well-being its main focus
- Creating values and prosperity for business organisations and their environments.
- Creating a fairer, more sustainable and inclusive society through humanist values.

Humanism + Competitiveness comprise a cross-cutting strategic area that forms part of the DNA of all DBS programmes and activities.




El ciclo “Las Finanzas y sus Desafíos” es una iniciativa organizada por Deusto Business School que persigue divulgar y dar respuesta a los grandes retos del ámbito financiero de la empresa y de la sociedad en general.

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Deusto Business School Health aims to address the various challenges that the health and social services industries are facing by generating, promoting and disseminating knowledge. The focus is on knowledge and innovation in health care and its implementation.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship


These two qualities are a key part of the day to day in Deusto Business School programmes, with a strong focus on a good entrepreneurial, innovative, critical and creative mindset, which is so necessary in view of the uncertainty in today’s world of business.

DBS takes part in all the innovation and entrepreneurship activities led by Deusto Entrepreneurship Centre.



Digital Transformation


Not only does Deusto Business School look to make its students familiar with the current digital platforms for business, but it also anticipates future scenarios.


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Functional Areas


- Head Office Management
- Finance
- Marketing and Sales
- Leadership
- People Development

These are the key functional competences in Deusto Business School’s courses, research and knowledge transfer.