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Conferences and Events

Networking and inspiration events


Regularly held discussion and knowledge forums on the best entrepreneurship practices in Open Innovation (Corporate Entrepreneurship Club) and groundbreaking, successful initiatives in conventional industries (Ciclo #Disruptive) .


Institutional lunches and breakfasts


A discussion forum where outstanding business leaders give their views. The main objective is to enable attendees to gain first-hand knowledge of successful cases and business realities at leading public and business organisations.



The TEDx events have been designed according to TED-DBS format guidelines, and carry the TEDx university licence- to disseminate “noteworthy ideas” in any area. These are inspiring messages that nurture new tendencies, ideas or formulas. They serve to launch creativity and amplify it as the TEDx videos are widely projected.

Further information

Sectoral forums


A broad working group formed by experts from a certain industry analyses a specific subject to elaborate documents that include the latest developments or serve as the starting point at following sessions.




Workshops de innovación


A petición de las empresas y otras entidades se organizan talleres para abordar los temas de Creatividad, Estrategia e Innovación. El objetivo es mostrar los nuevos marcos de actuación y herramientas que ayudarán a los participantes a integrar la innovación en su organización de forma transversal, aplicando respuestas integrales a las nuevas necesidades. 

Deusto Entrepreneurship Center


El centro de emprendimiento de la Universidad de Deusto reúne todas las iniciativas del ecosistema de emprendimiento de la Universidad de Deusto. Ofrece formación, jornadas, acompañamiento y una incubadora de empresas.