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Mission, Vision, Values


Contribute to a more prosperous, fairer and more inclusive world in collaboration with other actors, responding to the main challenges of society and organisations, training and supporting professionals who promote and lead sustainable business projects in a global context and generating cross-disciplinary knowledge.


Become an excellent business school, chosen and valued by students, professionals, companies and institutions, both nationally and internationally; a benchmark in humanistic leadership towards transformation, committed to society and aligned with the most demanding international standards.

By 2025, we aim to strengthen the School’s team cohesion to take advantage of synergies with other UD faculties and centres and innovate the teaching-learning model; increase the number of university postgraduate and executive education programmes in a sustainable manner; consolidate research and enhance its transfer and work towards a greater international outreach in all fields (teaching, research and transfer) and continue weaving networks with companies, institutions and society. 


Deusto Business School's values, inspired by the Society of Jesus’ tradition, are as follows:

  • Excellence. Seek the highest quality in our work. Perform our work with rigour and technical proficiency, but also profound human quality. Give our best and always seek to go further. Move forward and improve.
  • Integrity. Be honest and upright in our work and our relationships with others. Be aware of the ethical implications of the many decisions we are faced with and act in a fair, responsible manner, seeking the common good and especially that of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.
  • Cooperation. Recognise the need and value of working with others to meet common challenges. Be able to go beyond purely individual interests to work for collective interests. Work as a team to develop a common project, in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Openness. Be open to new things, to what is different, to the world. Appreciate the value and richness we can gain from what is different from us: people from other countries, other cultures, other religions; new ideas, viewpoints that question our beliefs. Be able to welcome, empathise, respect, appreciate, discuss, share, live and work with those who are not like us.
  • Courage (Initiative/Proactivity/Innovation & Entrepreneurship). Look at reality in a critical way, identifying challenges and opportunities; be able to propose solutions to overcome problems that have not yet been solved; join forces to move from idea to action; make change a reality by generating shared value.

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