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The Dean welcomes you

Álvaro de la Rica "Deusto Business School is celebrating its centenary anniversary this year, so this is an excellent opportunity to look back on its history. Not many business schools have been able to celebrate such an important date and it is worth taking a few moments to remember the people and institutions that have made it possible. It would be impossible to mention all of them so I will just point out what they have all shared: our values, which make Deusto distinctive.

During this academic year, we have devoted many hours to thinking about the future. The new 2020 Strategic Plan, new Bachelor´s degrees, postgraduate and Executive Education courses being offered, new research and transfer projects…. Once more, there are too many things to mention here so I will just point out something that we wanted to be first and foremost in everything we do: our values, which make Deusto distinctive. 

Did you study with us? Do you share our respect for these values? Are you planning to study here? We will ask you to carry them with you. Would you like to join our School? We need you to be an example of our values. Because that is what we want to be, the project that we want to make come true, the values that make Deusto distinctive .... 

Do you think it´s worth the effort involved to achieve professional excellence? Do you believe it is essential to work with integrity and ethical commitment, based on cooperation and solidarity? Do you feel that the future needs innovative people, entrepreneurs? That it needs people who are open to what´s different, to diversity?

If that is your view, we will be expecting you. We need the help of people like you, companies and institutions like yours, to make this project last another hundred years and, most importantly, to ensure that each of those years has been worth it."

Álvaro de la Rica Aspiunza
Dean of Deusto Business School

Get to know Deusto Business School´s history

Deusto Business School has 100 years experience in Bilbao Campus and 60 years experience in San Sebastian Campus being a referent in the leaders comprehensive education.

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Centenario1916: Inauguration of the first courses at the University Comercial of Deusto (Bilbao)

1922: Founding of the Association of Economics Graduates of the University of Deusto, an initiative of the first graduates on this course in Spain

1956: ESTE, the Escuela Superior de Técnicos de Empresas is established in San Sebastian

1963: Creation of INSIDE (Instituto Internacional de Dirección de Empresas), linked to La Comercial, and dedicated to executive postgraduate training

1967: Founding of INSIDE Graduate Association.

Institución centenaria 




  • La Comercial becomes the Deusto University’s Department of Economics and Business Science.

  • The degree of Business Management and Administration is taught for the first time at ESTE, making it the third oldest MBA degree in Spain.


  • The Ministry of Education and Science officially recognises the degree awarded by La Comercial

  • The first private university in Spain to obtain this accreditation.

1979: ESTE is integrated into the University of Deusto as a Department of Economics and Business Science.

1982: ESTE initiates the International Student Exchange Programme with foreign universities.

1984: The Fundación Bernaola is constituted to provide scholarships to improve the training of teachers and students via seminars, programmes and training projects.


  • The Ministry of Education and Science officially recognises the degrees awarded by ESTE.

  • Inauguration of the PhD programme in Economics and Business Science offered at ESTE.


  • ESTE is awarded the Erasmus Prize for European Union Inter-university Cooperation.

  • Creation of the Master’s in Human Resource Management and the European Management Programme at La Comercial.

1996: Founding of the Alumni Association by a group of ESTE graduates.

1999: Initiation of the Fundación ALCE, associated with ESTE.




2005: ESTE and the Department of Engineering set up a joint degree programme in Business Management and Technical Computer Engineering Management.

2008: Founding of the Deusto Business School dedicated to Executive Training.


  • La Comercial and ESTE merge into a single department of Economics and Business Science with campuses in Bilbao and San Sebastian.

  • New degrees and joint degrees in compliance with the norms of the European Higher Education Area.

2010: The Deusto Business School extends its brief to cover all teaching activities of the new department (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral) as well as MBAs, Executive Master’s and Executive Training.

Opening of the new headquarters of Deusto Business School in Madrid and San Sebastian for Executive Training, MBAs, In-Company and postgraduate programmes.

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Organización de Deusto Business School

Deusto Business School, como Facultad de la Universidad de Deusto, se rige por las directrices generales de la Universidad de Deusto y sus órganos de gobierno (Consejo de Gobierno, Rector, Consejo de Dirección y Consejo Académico).

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Además, por sus características específicas, la escuela cuenta con un Consejo integrado por un grupo de líderes procedentes del mundo económico y empresarial, muchos de ellos ex alumnos de Deusto. El Consejo de Deusto Business School tiene carácter asesor e impulsa y apoya las actividades de la escuela. Está presidido por D. Ignacio Goirigolzarri, Presidente de Bankia y por José María Guibert, Rector de la Universidad de Deusto.

Ver miembros del consejo de Deusto Business School

El principal órgano ejecutivo y de decisión de Deusto Business School es la Junta de Facultad, que se completa con una Comisión Decanal integrada por los principales miembros de la Junta. Además, existen varias comisiones impulsadas por diferentes personas responsables de las áreas de interés estratégico.

Autoridades de Deusto Business School

  • Álvaro de la Rica Aspiunza. Decano
  • Luc Joseph Theis. Vicedecano y Director General de Deusto Business School-Executive Education
  • María Jesús Baniandrés Avendaño. Vicedecana de Ordenación Académica y Profesorado
  • Josune Sáenz Martínez. Vicedecana de Investigación y Transferencia
  • Almudena Eizaguirre Zarza. Vicedecana de Estrategia
  • Mikel Larreina Díaz. Vicedecano de Relaciones Internacionales
  • Olga del Orden Olasagasti. Vicedecana de Acreditaciones Internacionales.
  • Miguel Ángel Larrinaga Ojanguren. Secretario de Facultad
  • Iratxe Esnaola Arribillaga. Vicesecretaria de Facultad
  • Francisco Javier Santibáñez Gruber. Director del Departamento de Finanzas y Contabilidad
  • Nekane Aramburu Goya. Directora del Departamento de Estrategia y Sistemas de Información
  • Lorea Narvaiza Cantín. Directora del Departamento de Marketing
  • Leire Gartzia Fernández. Directora del Departamento de Dirección de Personas en las Organizaciones
  • Ricardo Aguado Muñoz. Director del Departamento de Economía
  • José Vicente Ugarte Susaeta. Director del Departamento de Métodos Cuantitativos
  • Juan Jose Arrieta Sudupe. Gerente
  • Cristina Fernández Pérez. Directora de Comunicación y Marketing
  • Miriam Quintana Fernández. Directora de Acreditaciones y Procesos
  • Olga del Orden Olasagasti. Directora de Docencia y Aprendizaje
  • Milagros Pérez Gonzalez. Directora de Calidad


Executive Education

  • Mª Sol Basabe, Directora Académica
  • David Ruiz de Olano, Director de Programas
  • Iñaki Ortega, Director sede Madrid
  • Roberto Nuño, Director DBS Health






Deusto Business School cuenta asimismo con otros dos órganos de decisión: el Consejo de Facultad y el Claustro de la Facultad.

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