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The Dean welcomes you

Álvaro de la Rica Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, Deusto Business School. Here you can find full information on our broad range of academic and research programmes and on the people who make up the various work teams at the Bilbao and San Sebastian campuses and at DBS in Madrid.

The main mission of our School is to educate responsible professionals, capable of promoting and leading sustainable business projects in a global environment, working towards a more prosperous, fairer and more inclusive society. We also aim to contribute to creating knowledge so that we can meet the main challenges faced by society and organisations from an interdisciplinary perspective and in collaboration with other actors.

In line with our mission, the School currently has nine types of undergraduate programmes related to the Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and a broad range of official master’s degrees, Deusto’s own postgraduate degrees, a doctoral programme and a full range of Executive Education programmes.

Likewise, we have a network of research teams that, in addition to generating advanced knowledge and transfer responses in their areas, allow us to enhance the quality and upgrading of the faculty involved in the variety of academic programmes we offer.

Since it was founded in 1916, Deusto Business School has maintained its commitment to providing an all-embracing, integral and practical education, closely engaged with our business community. In this regard, the values underpinning our School are professional excellence (rigour and technical competence, and deep human quality); integrity and ethical commitment; cooperation and solidarity; openness and diversity; and innovation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we have numerous professionals from various industry sectors in our classrooms who provide their expertise and case studies, and bring us closer to the business reality. We also offer a large number of companies and institutions where our students can do their internships throughout their studies.

We also have our Deusto Business Alumni Association that, among other activities, is in charge of the job search service, and facilitates permanent contact with our members. We are also fortunate to have, on the one hand, the invaluable support of the Vizcaína Aguirre Foundation that, with the support of the Basque business community, facilitated the birth of the School in 1916; and, on the other, that of the Bernaola Foundation that, since its creation in 1984, has contributed to improving the education of faculty and students through seminars, research projects and graduation and predoctoral grants.

As you can see, Deusto Business School is a School with more than 100 years of history that has been able to adapt to new times with new academic programmes, while maintaining its mission and values as distinctive features we are most proud of.

You can find detailed information about our School on this website. If you have any queries or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help you in anything you need.

Álvaro de la Rica Aspiunza
Faculty of Economics and Business Studies – Deusto Business School

Get to know Deusto Business School´s history

Deusto Business School has 100 years experience in Bilbao Campus and 60 years experience in San Sebastian Campus being a referent in the leaders comprehensive education.

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Centenario1916: Inauguration of the first courses at the University Comercial of Deusto (Bilbao)

1922: Founding of the Association of Economics Graduates of the University of Deusto, an initiative of the first graduates on this course in Spain

1956: ESTE, the Escuela Superior de Técnicos de Empresas is established in San Sebastian

1963: Creation of INSIDE (Instituto Internacional de Dirección de Empresas), linked to La Comercial, and dedicated to executive postgraduate training

1967: Founding of INSIDE Graduate Association.

Institución centenaria 




  • La Comercial becomes the Deusto University’s Department of Economics and Business Science.

  • The degree of Business Management and Administration is taught for the first time at ESTE, making it the third oldest MBA degree in Spain.


  • The Ministry of Education and Science officially recognises the degree awarded by La Comercial

  • The first private university in Spain to obtain this accreditation.

1979: ESTE is integrated into the University of Deusto as a Department of Economics and Business Science.

1982: ESTE initiates the International Student Exchange Programme with foreign universities.

1984: The Fundación Bernaola is constituted to provide scholarships to improve the training of teachers and students via seminars, programmes and training projects.


  • The Ministry of Education and Science officially recognises the degrees awarded by ESTE.

  • Inauguration of the PhD programme in Economics and Business Science offered at ESTE.


  • ESTE is awarded the Erasmus Prize for European Union Inter-university Cooperation.

  • Creation of the Master’s in Human Resource Management and the European Management Programme at La Comercial.

1996: Founding of the Alumni Association by a group of ESTE graduates.

1999: Initiation of the Fundación ALCE, associated with ESTE.




2005: ESTE and the Department of Engineering set up a joint degree programme in Business Management and Technical Computer Engineering Management.

2008: Founding of the Deusto Business School dedicated to Executive Training.


  • La Comercial and ESTE merge into a single department of Economics and Business Science with campuses in Bilbao and San Sebastian.

  • New degrees and joint degrees in compliance with the norms of the European Higher Education Area.

2010: The Deusto Business School extends its brief to cover all teaching activities of the new department (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral) as well as MBAs, Executive Master’s and Executive Training.

Opening of the new headquarters of Deusto Business School in Madrid and San Sebastian for Executive Training, MBAs, In-Company and postgraduate programmes.

2016: Deusto Business School celebrates its one hundredth anniversary.

2021: Deusto Business School earns AACSB International Accreditation.

2021: Deusto Business School earns AMBA International Accreditation.

Deusto Business School organisation

Deusto Business School, as a University of Deusto School is governed by the general guidelines of the University of Deusto and its governing bodies (Board of Governors, Rector, Board of Directors and Academic Council).

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In addition, due to its specific characteristics, the School has a Board formed by a group of leaders from the financial and corporate world, many of whom are Deusto alumni. Deusto Business School’s Board has an advisory character and it promotes and supports the School’s activities. It is chaired by Ignacio Goirigolzarri, President of Bankia and by José María Guibert, Rector of the University of Deusto.

See members of Deusto Business School advisory board

Deusto Business School’s main executive and decision-making body is the Faculty Board, which is completed with a Dean’s Committee made up of main Board members. Furthermore, there are several committees promoted by various people responsible for areas of strategic interest.

Deusto Business School Authorities

  • Álvaro de la Rica Aspiunza. Dean
  • María García Feijoo. Vice-Dean for Academic Innovation and Organisation
  • Asunción Ibañez Romero. Vice-Dean for San Sebastian campus
  • María Jesús Baniandrés Avendaño. Vice-Dean for Teaching Staff
  • Josune Saenz Martínez. Vice-Dean for Research and Transfer
  • Mikel Larreina Díaz. Vice-Dean for International and Institutional Relations
  • Macarena Cuenca Amigo. Faculty Secretary
  • Milagros Pérez González. Faculty Vice-Secretary
  • Laura Baselga Pascual. Director Department of Finance and Economy
  • Coordinator of the Departmental Finance and Accounting Area: Laura Baselga Pascual.
  • Coordinator of the Departmental Economics Area: Ricardo Aguado Muñoz.
  • Coordinator of the Data Analysis Department: Jon Paul Laka Mugarza.
  • María Jesús Baniandrés Avendaño. Management Department Director
  • Coordinator of the Departmental Area of Strategy and Information Systems: Nekane Aramburu Goya.
  • Coordinator of the Departmental Marketing Area: Lorea Narvaiza Cantin.
  • Coordinator of the Departmental Area of People Management: María Jesús Baniandrés Avendaño.
  • César Sánchez Yoldi. Manager
  • Cristina Fernández Pérez. Head of Communication and Marketing
  • Miriam Quintana Fernández. Director of International Accreditations
  • Olga del Orden Olasagasti. Director of Learning Assessment
  • Milagros Pérez González. Director of Quality.


Executive Education

  • Almudena Eizaguirre, Director General
  • Marisol Basabe, Director of Open Programs
  • Marta Aguilar, Director of Corporate Relations and In-company Management, Madrid
  • David Ruiz de Olano, Director of Corporate Relations and In-company Management, Basque Country
  • Virginia Gómez, Director of Knowledge Transfer Unit
  • Jordi Albareda, Director of Strategy and Sales
  • Cristina Fernández, Director of Communication and Marketing

Deusto Business School also has other two decision-making bodies: The Faculty Council and the Faculty Senate.

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5 continents represented in 58 countries


A broad alumni network


49 research projects (2017)