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Admission process

Download the application form and the instructions to take part in the admission process.

Get to know the admission process

Requirements for the Bachelor’s in Business Administration and the Combined Degree Programmes with the Bachelor's in Business Administration:

To gain admission into the Business Administration degree, applicants will be required to be completing the second year of their Baccalaureate studies under LOGSE (or equivalent qualification) in any of its academic pathways except the Arts. It is compulsory to complete the Mathematics subjects indicated for the educational pathway concerned in the two years of the Baccalaureate studies. Students must also pass the University Entrance Examinations.

The following admission criteria will be taken into account.

Admission criteria

To make a decision on candidates’ admission, the Admission Committee will take into account the following criteria:

  • The full academic transcript available at the time of decision (typically 4th year under ESO and 1st year Bachillerato). Experience tells us that, in the case of applicants for a combined degree programme (Business Administration+ Deusto's Own Degree Programmes or Double Degrees), candidates should have an average mark between (7 and 8.5) or higher.
  • Applicants for a combined degree programme (Business Administration + Deusto's own Degree or Double Degrees) must have a B2 English level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages established by the Council of Europe. This level can be accredited through an official qualification and/or the English test taken at the entry tests. In the case of the Business Administration degree, this accreditation is not necessary and, therefore, applicants do not need to take the English test at the entry tests.
  • The supporting documents for other merits submitted by candidates.
  • The number of places available in the programme.

If needed, the Admission Committee reserves the right to call candidates for a personal interview or request additional supporting documents.

To gain a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, you must provide proof of having a C1 level in English. You can do this by obtaining an official certificate such as Cambridge’s Certificate in Advanced English, or by successfully completing the Faculty’s internal language tests.