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ESG Investment and Finance Summer Programme



*The aplication period will be opened until June 18th


9:00 - 16:30, except Wednesday from 9:00 - 19:00

* There will be a break from 13:30-14:30 during which all the participants will have lunch together and an opportunity to get to know each other and share experiences


Deusto Business School, Bilbao.

The 4th BISCAY ESG Global Summit will be held at the Euskalduna Congress Centre.




  • Professionals: 800 €
  • Students and unemployed professionals: 65% discount (Grant offered by Provincial Council of Bizkaia)
  • Talentia students: 50% grant


Academic Certificate from the University of Deusto 

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Virginia Gómez Sierra
Tel: +34 944 139 000 (ext. 3193)


Participant profile



Students with a wide variety of profiles sign on this programme. Maximum number of places in the group:50. C1 level of English is required.

  • This course has been designed for students in their 3rd or later years of study/Master's degree programmes related to Business Administration, Law, International Relations or Engineering who seek further training in the fields of social responsibility and finance.
  • Professionals (auditors, consultants…) with 5 years’ maximum work experience and who want to gain insight into the world of ESG information.


An intensive programme tailored to meet your needs

Who are the lecturers? Get to know the academic staff

Professionals of reference in the ESG field will be in charge of dynamizing the classes. You will have the option to share and get to know first-hand employers of companies of recognized international level.

2019 edition lecturers 

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Diego Castresana
Student on the 2017 ESG Summer Programme

Diego Castresana"Integration of the Summer Programme with the Summit enabled us to see the role of actors in the entire ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ecosystem: firms, rating agencies, investment or governments."

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From the very first, my aim was to learn about an area of the financial sector that I was interested in but I realised that I was not going to fully understand without a broader view. And I couldn’t think of a better way to learn than with speakers from leading international institutions in the use of ESG criteria.

I believe that it is a very complete programme and a true privilege to have it in Bilbao. Furthermore, integration of the Summer Programme with the Summit enabled us to see the role of actors in the entire ESG ecosystem: firms, rating agencies, investment funds or governments. The programme consisted of sessions with very clear information and practical application.

On the one hand, it helped me understand what the ESG criteria cover and how they work, and also their nonstop growth as part of the investment process. So, I have discovered that I’d like my long-term career focus to be sustainable investment.

Sofía Burguillo
Student on the 2017 ESG Summer Programme

Sofía Burguillo“The ESG Summer Programme helped me to understand how ethical principles are not only philanthropy but also catalysts to improve firms' economic performance."

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I found it interesting to approach finance from a new perspective which is widely used at the present. I also thought the talks by professionals from big companies like the following were very enriching: BlackRock, PwC, Amundi or Iberdrola, in small-group format.

We spend the week learning about the ESG ecosystem agents in different companies and got a global view from each one's different perspective. We also saw how companies that comply with ESG criteria were able to reduce their risk exposure, ensuring stable performance in the long run. In global, the sessions were dynamic and interactive, which helped us to assimilate what we had learned. The ESG Summer Programme helped me to understand how ethical principles are not merely philanthropy but also catalysts to improve firms'.

Ignacio Fernández Sanz
Iberdrola, Investor Relations Department

Ignacio Fernandez Sanz"Short-term economic growth is no longer enough, we have to create wealth and push sustainable business in the long-term, while also boosting the firm's value."

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ESG criteria are very important for the business world as firms opt for increasingly human and social approaches when developing their businesses. Short-term economic growth is no longer enough. We need to create wealth and push sustainable businesses in the long-term. This is due to their increasingly important role in the world of finance. Many big fund management firms and investors look for sure risk-free and sustainable profits in the medium and long term, in addition to the possible restrictions that are applied to some funds when investing. These restrictions range from demanding that the firms they are invested in should have a respectful attitude toward social and environmental issues to their management style, which must be efficient and based on good practices. The results of bad environmental, social or corporate governance practices add a risk element that harms investments and investors' confidence, which is why these three areas must be carefully controlled.

The ESG Summer Programme gives a theoretical view of ESG criteria seen through the various actors in the system (companies, fund management firms, governments, ESG rating agencies...), together with practical exercises so that students learn how these criteria are used when putting together an investment portfolio. The opportunity to attend the Biscay ESG Global Summit through the course gives students an idea of the dimension that sustainable investment is reaching.

Understanding the ESG system strengthened my knowledge of a field that I knew little about. On the other hand, attending the Biscay ESG Global Summit made me see how relevant the criteria are for the different actors, above all investment management firms. And we deal with many such firms on a daily or weekly basis in my department. Finding out their concerns or interests and having the latest information on them is a plus in my job.

Pablo Castro
Head of Investment and Business in the Fixed Income Securities Department-Norbolsa S.V. S.A

Pablo Castro“Having the chance to listen and learn from the leading stakeholders in the ESG ecosystems worldwide in such a nearby area was a privilege."

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It is no longer enough to make your investments financially profitable; they have to be handled in a responsible manner. We believe that time will show that less responsible firms will be less profitable. There is a still much to be done although it seems clear that the ESG criteria are increasingly important in assessing investment decisions and will therefore become a must in all firms' business models.

The experience was extremely positive. Having the chance to listen and learn from the leading stakeholders in the ESG ecosystems worldwide here in our area was a privilege. The chance to talk to other professionals and the speakers themselves on the impact of this issue in our professions was also enriching.

In the fixed income securities world, it is practically impossible to ignore market tendencies. The ESG criteria are also leading to new figures, new funding instruments and new investment requirements. The Summer Programme was a great way to delve into all these concepts that I see in the day to day. And, thanks to the seminar, I am much more familiar with them.