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Advanced Marketing

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Master's degree in Advanced Marketing


The Master’s in Advanced Marketing offers a combination of different methodologies which provide the student with both conceptual and experiential learning.


We prepare work and activities every week, normally in teams but also individually, which has given me the chance to put the concepts learnt in class into practice with the help of students who have different profiles. This has truly enriched my learning process.

The majority of the cases are presented in class to give us more experience in explaining ourselves clearly and learning to manage our time. These presentations have given me the chance to learn from my fellow classmates’ work, which is really valuable in order to get different points of view.

Visiting nearby enterprises is also very interesting. These visits have helped me to learn about how these enterprises work and also how they approach different aspects of the Marketing field. The case studies we prepare following these visits are based on these enterprises’ real needs, which really motivates us to come up with valuable suggestions.

The methodology used in the seminars lets student participate by creating a dynamic academic environment where professors constantly use audio visual support to boost learning.

Overall, it is a methodology which constantly combines theory with practice and helps us learn more about the different concepts of marketing


Itziar Durañona, MUMA