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Content 2015: HCV

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Documents and Tools

Knowledge Generation and Research

Hepatitis C: The Big Picture. A Global Burning Platform: World diagnosis of HCV to show the urgent need to act. Example for a comprehensive local diagnosis.

Hepatitis C Snapshot of your country. An Evaluation Tool: A tool to help in the evaluation of the HCV condition of a given context in order to start planning. 

A tool to build your Hepatitis C Action Plan:   A tool to guide countries in the development of a comprehensive HCV action plan

Implementation of an HCV plan and their specific interventions A practical guide: This document provides you with a set of tools that can guide you in the implementation of an HCV plan or interventions in your country.

Defining HCV interventions. An elementary toolkit: This document provides you with a set of tools that can guide you in defining specific interventions in your country


Forums and Conferences

HCV2020 Forum 2016: The HCV2020 Forum brings together various stakeholders, including policy makers, health care professionals and patient advocates, to share progress being made in addressing hepatitis C. Through the promotion and sharing of experiences among stakeholders, and through a focus on prevention, early detection, and clinical management of patients, participants contributed towards advancing the control and cure of hepatitis C.

Commitment to cure (C2C) Windsor meeting 2015: Commitment to Cure (C2C) is a coalition of experts dedicated to inspire and equip policy makers, health leaders and communities worldwide to prioritize and proactively manage hepatitis C (HCV), with the ultimate aim of eliminating viral hepatitis. To achieve this goal, they will have continuous dialogues on the three main strategies identified in the C2C Framework.

Hepatitis C Virtual Support


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