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What is the chair?

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The Health System Transformation Chair aims to create conditions and build capacity to enable and guide organizations and governments to define strategies and solutions that contribute to the sustainability of health systems, enhance delivery of care and improve the needs of the population.

The Chair has an international scope to assist countries and to align with the policies and strategies of the EU within the framework of H2020.

The goal of the Chair is to identify and evaluate best practices and key factors of the transformation of health systems through observing different health systems around the world.



 The Chair contains tools and frameworks that help health systems and healthcare organizations progress towards controlling communicable and non-communicable diseases, especially in the area of chronic care. The Chair supports innovation and the development of knowledge to create or expand activity for different health organizations committed to controlling diseases, focusing on new trends and best practices.


The Chair uses structured areas and events to innovate and exchange knowledge regarding the control of diseases, providing updated healthcare system knowledge to different health agents at conferences, forums, presentations and other events, with the aim of learning from the best international experiences.


The Chair provides on-site or on-line support to different health agents in the definition and implementation of health strategies and interventions.


The Chair offers instruction on the transformation and sustainability of healthcare systems through the development of training programs such as seminars, masterclasses and workshops that provide transformational capabilities to different stakeholders within the healthcare industry. 

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