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Health systems are facing enormous and varied challenges; probably the most important ones in the last 30 years. They will not be solved by changes in the margins, therefore it is necessary to challenge the status quo and adopt a disruptive approach that provide answers to these challenges.

Addressing a profound transformation is inevitable due to demographic, epidemiological and economic reasons, among many others. Furthermore, times of crisis also present an opportunity for reconsidering existing policies.

Sustainability and quality of patient care are the main drivers for healthcare reform, making it necessary for most systems to address and advance specific areas of health care reform: present care fragmentation, deficiencies in the management, prevention of chronic conditions, lack of patient and community engagement, health and population perspective to replace an illness culture and payment for value instead of activity.

These changes affect all the levels of the system: the macro level (policy), the meso level (executive, managerial) and the micro level (health and clinical professionals). Therefore, it is necessary to explore new working models including organizational, technological and leadership changes.

The Health System Transformation Chair provides health reform and implementation guidance and recommends ways that the different healthcare systems, in general, and the stakeholders within it, can transform the system to guarantee future sustainability. 

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